joi, 16 august 2007

Ego sum via veritas et vita

when i was young i used to walk barefoot
and live in a cave by the stream
i'd rest my head on a moss-covered root
i'd gaze at the stars and i'd dream

i was a mear baby back in the day
my prized possesions: my spear and my knife
and my bed of moss and of hay
and simple and poor was my life

i'd give chase through the forrest to deer
it might seem groosome i know
i'd stab their lungs with my spear
and their meat would get me through winter and snow

millenia passed and i grew a bit older
i had a bronze plow and worked the land
my bow and my iron knife made me allot bolder
i built a village with tools, not bare hand

i tore down trees to build homes and make fire
i turned wolfes into dogs and tought my children to write
i gave birth to gods to blame and admire
i made me some laws to keep me polite

my brothers as many as grass in the field
we went to tell other people to give us their land
our god gave us power to make them yeald
and he said who wouldn't should die by our hand

i am the father of emopires, divine in my rights
i've come to spread the truth of my faith
i have horses and cannons and armor-clad knights
my power's from heaven, my hunger can't wait!

i was born smart, time made me a sage
i now have machines to strenghten my arms
progress is clearly the word of this age
i burn coal to make steam, i buid railroads and bridges and dams

here i am now, a full-grown god who will never die
conqueror of desert and jungle and plague and ocean and snow
i harnessed combustion, like a phoenix i fly!
it's time for one race to be the star of the show...

this feels like that time i learned to make fire
to have the power of atoms at these fingers of mine
now, come back tommorrow, i need to retire
all this warmaking has put a pain in my spine

my mind cleared by circuits i reach for the stars
i freed some brothers today against their will
i took some treasure from them in exchange for my scars
all this smoke in the air seems to be making me ill

today i feel old, sick and tired
it can't be my fault, i've done nothing wrong
it seems that around me so much has expired
i... am waiting for jesus, or so i've been told...

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