miercuri, 16 ianuarie 2008


o leapşă de la Lorena. Plusez cu o propoziţie pentru elocvenţă.
"It seems to me just conceivable that the true explanation has nothing to
do with cuckoos at all. The blood may chill at the thought, but could this
be what baby swallows do to each other? Since the firstborn is going to
compete with his yet unhatched brothers and sisters for parental
investment, it could be to his advantage to begin his life by throwing out
one of the other eggs.
The Lack theory of clutch size considered the optimum from the parent's
point of view. If I am a mother swallow, the optimum clutch-size from my
point of view is, say five. But if I am a baby swallow, the optimum clutch
size as I see it may well be a smaller number, provided I am one of them!"
Richard Dawkins, The Selfish Gene
dau mai departe la pea, gauche charlie, gia, alex
trebuie doar sa luati prima carte care va cade in mana, sa deschideti la pag 123 si sa postati p blog frazele 5-9(inclusiv)

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