joi, 12 noiembrie 2009

aim! fire! reload!

just numbers for those who fool themselves that they have the power. their power however is just masturbation compared to geologic and cosmic forces and their so meaningful lifes just milliseconds in the eyes of god.
created in his image: all those thousands of yet undiscovered alien races, are they also in the image of god? they feel the need to make god human, to chink perfection only to make themselves seem less flawed.
and all the billions of sheep waiting to be slaughtered...
when a wall blocks your line of sight never think that wall is supposed to be there, turn your head, run around it and fuck the general scheme.
fuck conspiracy, politics, politeness and diplomacy.
this is my coming back scream

2 comentarii:

  1. Mă, cred ca Vasile Voiculescu aruncă cu resturi de coşciug, din groapă.

    ( da` ce mai faci, tizule ? )

  2. Andreeei, traiesti? :)

    Sarbatori fericite, ma! Si la multi ani pe cand o fi!