joi, 4 octombrie 2007


people feel a certain threshold must be surpassed in order to create a meaningful impression on their mind.while some potent stimuli are quite pleasant and popular, the minimal is often overlooked.a strong stimulus of a pleasant yet common nature can cover up a weak stimulus of a special nature.
feel tea.sugar,milk,lemon or other pleasant yet common tastes will cover up the essence.that one flavor which is felt through the nose and not the tongue,penetrating the cortex in a wave of sensation.pure,unspoiled contact.
that is the theory of tea.feeling that minimal stimulus given by the leafs themselves.a dulling of the normally strong perceptions, especially sight, will heighten the poetry.the channels perceiving the tea will amplify transforming that originally minimal stimulus into a quiet gong.i can only describe it as being taken through dark space by ribbons of scented steam.
choosing to give up the known,safe common for the cryptic and singular.
a fascinating situation was when i was drinking green tea pearls with jasmine inside.the tea is very strong and you need to drink it in a special way.a special cup with a cap is pours small amount of hot water over the pearls and drinks with the cap on so as not to swallow the pearls. as the pearls open the flavor of jasmine is released.what is first just green tea and jasmine becomes a maddening symphony of aroma and bitterness.the only taste felt through the tongue is bitterness, all else comes in through the as the bitter taste accentuates so does the jasmine and they become entangled so much that bitterness amplifies the scent of jasmine.the last drop leaves you is choosing what may seem unpleasant to discover a new sensation.

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