sâmbătă, 27 octombrie 2007


the guide to giving up:
first of all this is not the guide on how to give up on struggles or dreams, this is the guide on how to give up dogmas and memes and useless crap.
there is only one thing to know: the most important thing in life is happiness.to be happy, but not at the expense of the misery of others.so there must be a balance.
in accordance with the theory that nothing is ours except for the ideas in our head is the thought that we only need what makes us happy.we surround ourself with many useless objects and we fill our head with even more stupid ideas.some of them act as drag in our progress through life.we don't need them yet desperately hang on to them.
you will find that by giving up certain ideas your life improves and you are more free than ever, and so on.
what to give up?
your chioce.
what i gave up?
here it comes:
unconditioned love
blind trust
organized religion(i still believe in god, but am agnostic)
the need to be like the others
the need to be accepted
and more little things i can't remember

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  1. o rly? u sure u gave up those u can't remember? =))

    note to myself: " don't read his blogs too late in the night"


  2. era early in the morning deja smartass

  3. hahah, no shit...eu m-am culcat la 7