luni, 17 septembrie 2007

oh captain my captain

you used to love it when i called you master.the master of my thoughts, the bringer of order and wisdom and just might be the smartest man i know.i was to be the successor, or so we liked to've let me go my master, with no apparent regard for my faith, but, you see, i knew that was the final conditioning, the final push to break me. I DO NOT BREAK. sorry for this last delusion, but i am wild. and today you talked to me with such carelessness, but i could see in your eyes the discontent scorching the air around me.burn the infidel! you wished me luck. i smell the trap my ex-master. i am a wolf!
we will meet again and i will let you have your way. i am t strong to be defeated by a small humiliation. go on, feel like a man. i will be twice the man you are.
i was your friend

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