vineri, 7 septembrie 2007

the theory of contact

by contact i define any information from an external source, received by the sensors of the body.we receive information constantly.sight,smell,sound,touch.we process information constantly and get answers to problems.but why do most of you ignore it? to lack information is to get bad answers, to fail to solve problems, to be in the box.freedom comes from much as possible.i sometimes need sensory overload to get enough contact.i need it!i need to feel!we isolate ourselves from everything.only getting filtered information.through widows, screens,clothes,shoes.we sometimes need raw data to get the message.especially about people.they filter their thoughts so much you never know them.
i need contact from people.not many.i am a cactus.i only need affection once in a few years.i look for it.but i only want it from very few people.why?dunno.maybe quality over quantity.maybe i'm crazy.
so if i find someone i want contact from i try to get inside their minds.deep in the stench of regret,evil and sorrow, and wisdom and love and need.i fall in love.i read the mind with thirst.
once in a long while i find someone with traits that attract me like a moth to a flame.i don't care if i'll burn for wings i've grown many.i crash into them.i know these people by one thing: they have adorable defects (for me adorable, for others defects)

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